StartsWithABang writes: The Andromeda galaxy is our closest large neighbor, dominating our local group with more than double the number of stars found in the Milky Way. While visible light can reveal a tremendous amount of information, it's by going to shorter (UV) and longer (IR) wavelengths that we can learn where the newest, hottest stars are, find that they form in clusters along the arms and
An anonymous reader writes: For years you've been able to listen to the sounds recorded on the golden records carried by the twin Voyager spacecraft online but NASA just made it a bit easier. The orginization just uploaded the recordings to SoundCloud. Now you can listen to a continuous stream of clips instead of clicking back and forth to hear the different tracks.
beckman101 writes: FPGAs — specialized, high speed chips with large arrays of configurable logic — are usually highly proprietary. Anyone who has used one is familiar with the buggy and node-locked accompanying tools that FPGA manufacturers provide. Project IceStorm aims to change that by reverse-engineering some Lattice FPGAs to produce an open-source toolchain, and today it passed a
Jim Cramer thinks the stock market madness in China makes a bigger impact on your money than you might expect.
China's central bank said it will use various monetary tools to maintain appropriate levels of liquidity in the second half of this year.
A power struggle between Indonesia's president and members of his party is the latest catalyst for bearish sentiment on the country.
China stocks remained volatile Tuesday following an initial stampede out of the market, with analysts warning there is no end in sight to the drama.
Don't let a buildup in U.S. government debt holdings bother you. The U.S. economy has been growing well above its estimated growth potential.