An anonymous reader writes Yelp has, for the past year or so, garnered a reputation for extorting businesses into paying for advertising on their site. Allegations include incessant calls for advertising contracts, automatic listing of a business, and suppressing good reviews should a business decide to opt out of paying Yelp for listing them. One small Italian trattoria, however, may have succee
jd writes Identity-based public key encryption works on the idea of using something well-known (like an e-mail address) as the public key and having a private key generator do some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff to generate a secure private key out if it. A private key I can understand, secure is another matter. In fact, the paper notes that security has been a big hassle in IBE-type encryption,
More pension funds consider divesting from hedge funds, due to poor performance and high costs. NYT reports.
In an increasingly common practice, assistants, consultants and other hospital employees are charging patients or their insurers hefty fees. NYT reports.
The G-20 leading nations are close to adding $2 trillion to the global economy, but Europe's stagnation remains a major stumbling block.
Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, is confident that the G-20 will achieve their growth target.
A recent study finds a surprising disconnect between knowing about financial products and putting that knowledge to work.
Microsoft has delayed the launch of its Xbox One game console in China. The company said it would be released by the end of the year.