Teddy Bear, the internet's famous porcupine, charms people with his vocals, but in real life porcupines rely less on squeaks than scents.
Northern lights gleam, stellar debris blows into a bubble, and gassy explosions leave behind pits in this week's best space pictures.
West Africans altered cherished burial traditions after anthropologists enlisted pastors, imams, and chiefs to allow safer rituals.
The Yellowstone River's oil spill was the first in U.S. frozen water in two-plus decades.
Arctic pollutants may damage males' penises, leaving them unable to reproduce.
A celebrated signal of big bang gravitational waves goes bust, due to dust.
Two pilots have traveled more than 5,208 miles in a helium-filled balloon, unofficially setting new records for distance and flight duration.
The solar wind stormed past Saturn's moon Titan while a spacecraft watched.