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With the help of wolf dogs, early humans out-hunted—and outlasted—Neanderthals.
A lack of snow on the Tibetan Plateau is pushing thirsty yak females into steeper habitat, a new study says.
The discovery of a jawbone, along with a reconstruction of another fossil, shed light on the mysterious million-year period when the genus Homo first evolved.
Rising temperatures and declining snowpack in the mountains mean that the drought across the western U.S. is about to get even worse.
New study shows Los Angeles-area kids have fewer breathing problems now than they did in the 1990s.
Life has 'seemed rather short'...(First column, 3rd story, link)Related stories:World's oldest person celebrates 117th birthday...
World's oldest person celebrates 117th birthday...(First column, 2nd story, link)Related stories:Life has 'seemed rather short'...