A new video shows a raccoon climbing lesson—a vital skill that allows the North American mammals to escape predators.
Shearwaters navigate the open ocean based on their memories of smells that waft in from different directions, a new study suggests.
It’s International Polychaete Day, so let’s give these humble, but critical-to-the-food-web, animals their day in the spotlight.
The key, says the author of a new book, is to use water better, close yield gaps, eat less meat, and family planning.
A rare look beneath the Southern California waves shows young great whites in action.
A poll finds women tend to oppose genetically modified food and animal research, and African Americans are optimistic about population growth, regardless of political party.
Mysterious pits on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko may have formed when the ground beneath them collapsed, say Rosetta mission scientists.
The hunt for bearded seal was abnormally short because of melted ice. Native Alaskans worry about losing their traditional foods and culture.