Probably not, says a new study that shows most hitchhiking arachnids from South America are harmless.
Some Australian bees engage in extreme, months-long warfare led by females, which includes dragging the young outside the nest to die, a new study says.
The burial site of two infants under an ancient hearth offers clues to the inner lives of some of the New World's earliest settlers.
The red planet will top the handle of the star teapot, and the asteroid Hebe will make an appearance.
A pioneer for women in marine science, Sylvia Earle receives a lifetime achievement award tonight in New York City.
A photographer explores the traces of a standoff that divided Europe for four decades.
Through genetics, nutrients, irrigation, and pesticides, we figured out how to lift the constraints that nature placed upon us, author says.
Named for Ozzy Osbourne, Dendropsophus ozzyi males make unusually high-pitched, chirpy calls like a bat, a new study says.