The story of the moon’s birth might also include a flying magma ocean and Pluto-size wrecking balls.
After the small island nation was devastated by Cyclone Pam, airborne cameras provide vital information for relief efforts.
The new climbing season begins with a "safer" route through a killer icefall.
Frisky puppies and fluffy kittens don't have the corner on cute—baby eels, boars, and baboons are just as aww-worthy.
Efforts to regulate plane emissions have been delayed, but might soon be cleared for takeoff.
The state is exporting water-intensive alfalfa hay to fuel China's growing demand for dairy.
After serving in the Thai tourist industry, an elephant named Me-Bai was sent to a sanctuary and reunited with her mother, who hadn’t forgotten her.
Climbing without bottled oxygen or Sherpa support, team tackles unclimbed line on Northeast Face.