Patios are the best place to spend time, reading a book, sipping some tea, or catching up with friends and family. One great decorative patio idea that just about anyone can afford to do is add some plants to the area.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a display of beautifully designed kitchen and tableware—with a subversive message.
Guayusa tea may have health benefits for those who drink it and economic benefits for the indigenous people who grow it.
A patriotic pup takes flight, fireworks light up the night, and flags flutter in the wind.
A giant machine is digging a tunnel to channel storm water for treatment in an effort to clean the city's polluted rivers.
New papers in Science debate the limitations of international agreements on climate change and suggest reforms.
A planet once described as having "100 percent certainty of life" looks like it may not be a planet at all, astronomers report.
Global warming threatens visitor experience and national treasures, scientists say.