Officials at LAX recently seized 67 giant African land snails—voracious pests that live long, breed fast, and pose a threat to U.S. agriculture.
Mary Smith, a former senior editor at National Geographic, talks about sharing Jane Goodall's seminal work with a wider audience.
Parts of the state will experience "pain and poverty" as agricultural producers are hit hard, while officials roll out solutions to California's drought.
Writer and environmentalist Kenneth Brower condemns plans to "salvage log" large swaths of California forest damaged during last summer's massive Rim fire, arguing that fire is a natural and necessary part of the life cycle of western forests.
What's for supper? In ancient Mexico, early Native Americans dined on elephant-like gomphotheres, archaeologists report.
Author Paul Greenberg addresses the unraveling of the American seafood economy and what can be done about it.
July is the month to celebrate the sweet treat, thanks to President Ronald Reagan who issued the proclamation in 1984.
Choice of a radar station over an endangered bird could signal a lower commitment to conservation.