On a day when the U.S. sees its first Ebola fatality, U.S. officials announce plans for screenings of air passengers arriving from West Africa.
President Obama is expected to announce the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.
The Nobel Prize in physics goes to three scientists who invented blue LED lights, which paved the way for tremendously greater lighting efficiency.
We all live in fear of a hot planet. These companies want to make a business of stopping that.
U.S. officials are reluctant to ban travel from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, even as more politicians raise their voices in support.
A California toddler learns to cope with the effects of a rare polio-like disease.
You might be surprised at the famous advances and inventions that have been passed over since the first Nobels in 1901.
A red-hued lunar eclipse will be visible across most of North America Wednesday morning.